Asphalt Shingles | To DIY Install or to EXPERT Install?

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Wanting to install asphalt shingle roofing? Of course you are!

Asphalt shingle roofing is an extremely attractive roofing style. Shingle roofs are durable throughout the toughest of weather climates and will protect your home for years to come.

When it comes to installation, you may be questioning what’s the best option for you!


Are you questioning whether you should tackle the project on your own or have an expert installer install it for you?

There’s great aspects to installing a shingle roof on your own and there’s also excellent points of having an expert installer do it for you.

We’ve summarised the positive points of DIY and the positive points relating to expert installation.


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The Pro’s of DIY:

  • It’s cheaper – You can simply order GAF shingle roofing products from All American Roofing. With the products, you can then apply to your roofing on your own. Cutting out the need to spend money on labour costs.
  • It’s satisfying to complete. Completing a project on your own is something to be proud of. One day, when the roof is complete, you’ll look up and think ‘I did that!’. And, what a better thing to have the feeling about, than your family’s roof.
  • It’s easy and attainable for beginners to complete. – With our ‘How To’ videos, you’re equipped with all the necessary knowledge to fit your roof, and not to forget, you can always call the All American Roofing team, if you have any questions or need over-the-phone assistance.
  • We deliver the product directly to you! – No need to pick-up bundles and bundles of shingles, we will freight the shingles directly to your home, meaning you don’t need to personally transport the packs of shingles yourself.

The Pro’s of Expert Installation:

  • Warranty: With correctly laid GAF shingles, you receive a product warranty from GAF Roofing products. These warranties are second-to-none and extremely important to ensure you’re covered in the instance of a product malfunction or product defect.
  • Perfection every time: With All American Roofing’s DIY install, you’ll receive perfectly laid shingles.
  • Ease: Having shingles installed by All American Roofing allows you to relax and enjoy the transformation process of your home. Entirely taking out the stress and uncertainty of tackling the project on your own.
  • There’s no ‘trial-and-error’ involved: Instead of learning, attempting and potentially making mistakes, you get to enjoy your roof being laid by someone else who will not make any mistakes.
  • When suits you? We are able to schedule and tailor or installation to when you’re requiring the roof to be shingled. Want it done next year? No worries. We’ll always do our best to ensure you have your roof completed when it’s essential to you.

Overall, you’re making the correct decision in opting for an asphalt shingle roofing system. We hope to have provided some great points towards what you’ll opt for. For any further enquiries contact the All American Roofing on 1300 593 408.

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