Get That Sophisticated Roof with Shingle Roof Tiles

If you’re looking for classy and sophisticated to describe your roof, then shingle roofing is your answer. Their popularity in the USA already sees them as the number one roofing material in that country, and if you are an observant person, you will see that they are gaining in popularity in Australia as well. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons as to why this is happening as well as providing some technical information about shingle roof tiles.

Shingle Roof Tiles Look Great

Shingle roof tiles come in various designs and many colours and textures. From the builder’s point of view, they are great to work with. Shingle roof tiles can be arranged to keep away the rain, are designed to reflect the heat of summer, and certainly improve the aesthetic appeal of a property. They are easier to maintain in addition to being easy to install. When you compare shingle roof tiles to terracotta and concrete, they are a lot easier to work with and are considerably cheaper with the long-term benefits making it almost a no-brainer as a roofing choice.

Different Roofing Options

Shingle roofing tiles are single units that you set in a cascading pattern on a sloping roof. This provides airflow between the tile material as well as keeping away the moisture. If you opted for a wooden shingle, known as a ‘shake’, you can get that rustic look with a touch of nostalgia. The fibre varieties are a great alternative to roof a sunroom which will then give you some delightful light effects. The most common variety used, however, are asphalt shingles. They are cheaper than the ceramic or wooden types and you can get these shingle roofing tiles from a grainy burnt earth texture to a coated glossy texture. Add to that their durability and waterproof properties.

Your Home’s Street Appeal

The roof on your home can make up almost half of the exterior, and how your roof looks has a large impact on the overall design and perceived value of your property. The question is: why accept a lower street appeal when you can do better? Shingle roof tiles will lift any home above the rest. The type of tile you choose and the laying pattern will give you an almost endless number of designs from which to choose.

Be Inspired

Are you a dreamer? You get your inspiration from colours, art, fashion and even nature. You crave for something different, like choosing Cilantro lime ice cream instead of plain chocolate. That’s a momentary bit of rebellion. How about a permanent trip down “Being Different Lane?”. Your home’s overall exterior is 40% roof. Make yourself happy every day when you pull into your driveway. Show the neighbours your true personality. Only a roof? No way! This is your style, sophisticated and arty. It’s more than a roof.

Your Roof – your personality

Can a shingle colour on the roof of your home translate into reflecting your personality? The outside of your home is the first impression people will get, whether they are friends, relatives or neighbours, or even passing traffic, so make sure you check out all the options when selecting your roofing material. It’s not a lay-down misere any more with standard Australian roofing materials.

There’s a new kid on the block trying to get your attention. It’s a complex job choosing a roofing material for your home. Most people tend to stick to the same type of material as they have on their old roof, and that strategy means possibly missing out on many benefits. Why choose the same as you had before when there are so many new types of roofing materials available? There are different colours and many different styles as well.

That Extra Step – Architectural Roofing Shingles

Not all shingle roof tiles are the same either. There is a new generation of high-quality asphalt roofing products. Architectural roofing shingles have a distinctive appearance and are among the highest quality roofing products that you can buy. For the technically minded, these shingle roof tiles are made of heavy fibreglass base with ceramic coated mineral granules embedded in refined, water-resistant asphalt.

If the word ‘unique’ is one that you like in the description of your personality, then these shingle roof tiles are the best choice. If you have a home that boasts steep roof planes, maybe a gable or two, then the architectural roofing shingle with random colours and textures will complement your property perfectly.

Check this out

There are a number of shingle roof tiles clad homes that you can look at to get a feel for the level of sophistication or uniqueness to which you might aspire should you choose to roof with shingles.

In Melbourne, for example, architects used slate shingles across the walls and done in various patterns for this residence in Kew.

Our Final Word

There are many jobs around the home that experienced and inexperienced DIYers are able to do. The complexity of the project simply means doing the job yourself or hiring an experienced contractor. Talking roofs – re-roofing your home or installing a roof to a new home is not recommended as a DIY job. Fully qualified roofing contractors know the product, know what they are doing, and will complete the job in a fraction of the time compared to a home handyman.

In addition, your roofing contractor is insured. You are not going to save any money if you stuff up the roofing job. In fact, the costs may blow out if the roof has to be checked and then re-laid.

We Dare You

It’s a case of people being a little afraid of trying something new, especially if we are talking about a major investment such as a new roof. There is a tendency to think that trying something new is a bit of a risky business. Nothing could be further from the truth. Green roofs, passive house, solar panels and recycled roof materials have provided cheaper costs as well as energy saving benefits. Generally speaking, the roofing material you choose should be based on your local climate, but new material, such as shingle roof tiles, can save you money as well as giving your property that sophisticated, different look.

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