Asphalt Shingles Roofing in Australia

Have you ever thought of asphalt shingles as a great alternative for replacing your current roof or installing it as part of your new home construction? Their popularity is increasing exponentially in Australia for both residential and commercial properties.

Shingle Roofing From the USA to Australia

Traditionally, shingle roofing has been the domain of USA homes, but there is a wind of change blowing across OZ that is causing people to look at alternatives to the ever-present terracotta and concrete tiles and the metal roofing that most homes have.

It’s a bit of a case of ‘dare to be different’ as some of the advantages of asphalt shingle roofing are making property owners weigh up material costs and looks coupled with installation costs as well. The thing is that the kerbside look of a shingled roof is really different and quite noticeable. Keeping up with the Joneses was never any easier than having a different styled roof. Roofs stand out as they dominate the look of your property at first glance. It’s more a question of the Joneses keeping up with you if you had an asphalt shingle roof.

Asphalt Shingles In Australian Weather

In Australia, we don’t have tornadoes, just the occasional willy willy. There aren’t any roofs that can withstand a tornado anyway, but we do have some rather dodgy, rough weather at times. Your roof takes the brunt of all that Mother Nature can throw at it because it’s the most exposed part of your home. The important point is that regardless of the weather, your roof is able to stand up to doing the job you expect it to and works to protect your investment.

Winters in Australia can be harsh unless you live in Darwin, 😊 but asphalt shingles are designed to withstand the challenge. Their popularity is assured because of the wide range of shapes and colours.

It’s also not a matter of following what they do in the USA, albeit we do it often enough with a host of other, less costly copying, think McDonald’s, KFC, TV shows and fashion. In this case, it’s a matter of looking at the alternative for what is normally a costly part of building your new home or renovating, a job that may include re-roofing.

Making that “Roofing” Decision

There are some significant advantages that should not be ignored when you are in the market for a new roof. Like everything, there are pros and cons, but the internet is available these days to read critical and positive reviews on everything you buy, and some expert advice on your personal preferences should be considered when it comes to roof replacement or installation.

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages and benefits that may help you decide whether asphalt shingles are a viable alternative.

Asphalt Shingles – The Good

  • The physical properties of asphalt make it a commonly used material in the shingle.
  • The basic make-up of a shingle is as an asphalt-saturated base of fibreglass, or perhaps another similar organic material. This makes them lightweight, easy to install and you get some darn good aesthetics for a low cost.
  • As a roofing material, they are one of the least expensive available on the market.
  • The ease of installation means a lower labour cost and less chance of any injuries or accidents on the job.
  • At the other end of their life cycle, removal or demolition of an asphalt roof is more efficient and a whole lot easier.
  • Let’s not forget the low maintenance aspect and easy to repair which make asphalt shingles a great choice.
  • Property owners will have lower repair bills when all they have to replace are a few missing shingles or attend to any minor water leaks.
  • If your roof needs a refresh, asphalt shingles can be installed over existing shingles without you having to do a full-blown demolition job.
  • Asphalt roof shingles are versatile. There is quite a wide variety of colours, different shapes, designs, sizes, and textures. You can even buy customised shingles so that they look like different materials like timber, tiles or slate. That means you can coordinate the roof with the landscaping or the architecture and adopt a personal style with asphalt tiles.

A Roof with Extra Benefits

  • Take care of them and they will last 30 years or more.
  • The roof material is recyclable and therefore eco-friendly.
  • Add a little sustainability as they are more energy-efficient by reducing heat absorption in hot weather.
  • Harmful UV rays are deflected helping to avoid shingle damage to their appearance and structure.
  • They are wind resistant to almost cyclonic strength winds.
  • They get a Class A fire rating as fibreglass products are fire-resistant.
  • They help to reduce noise pollution from outside.
  • You can buy them with a high impact resistance rating.
  • Overall you are getting a very good value for your weather-resistant roof.

A little GAF Tech Info

Some GAF shingles come in a tab form with a strip of three tabs. That means three shingles per sheer. That’s how you get a nice overlap. They are very easy to handle and can withstand strong winds better than a single tile. Installation is done by using nails and adhesives, and once these tiles are affixed to the roof, they are going to protect your house for many years to come. The best time to have asphalt shingles installed is obviously when there is going to be good weather, perhaps summer and spring. With the sun beaming down, the tabs will adhere even better to your roof.

Australians looking for that extra value and no loss of quality or performance will simply love asphalt shingles because they are so easy to install and because of the price.

The Experts

Like anything you do to your home that will cost money, in this case, the expense of a new roof, talking to your trusted roofing contractor about your concerns and asking the right questions can set your mind at ease. Your contractor is armed with all the necessary knowledge and manufacturer’s information that will apply to your specific home or property.

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