Australians are famous for their love of the beach; we are surrounded by beautiful oceans topped with a warm weather that supports a coastal lifestyle. The average Australian man cannot say no to sand and surf. Our love and reception to this coastal life is widely demonstrated in our appreciation of beautiful beach houses and mini beach shacks.

When it comes to architectural designs, Australian beach houses are noteworthy for their sophisticated, elegant yet laid-back aesthetic looks. In designing beach homes, many prospective owners are always interested in creating a sophisticated and unconventional beach house while giving it a relaxed barefoot elegance. They are keen to combine texture, richness and references to beautiful European farmhouses and chateaux that they might have come across while travelling through other parts of the world.

Notable Beach House Designs in Australia

Australians are huge fans of a wide variety of exquisite architecture and decorative home styles. Their love for timeless and enduring designs when it comes to owning a beach home has increased the popularity of some major beach homes inspired designs. For example, the coastal plantation design, the Queenslander beach design, and the Hampton’s beach home design are the among the best beach house designs in Australia.

Features of the best beach house designs

The Queenslander design

The Queenslander design was a “beach signature” back in the days before the Hampton’s style gained much popularity. Although this home style has evolved over the years, a classic Queenslander beach home is typically a single detached house made of timber and iron and often located on a separate block of land.

This home style is built with mostly lightweight materials. This is particularly advantageous as their light timber frames, and corrugated iron materials make it quite easy to modify to suit the specific needs of the homeowner.

Queenslander designs are notable for their wide verandas and their steeply pitched roofs. The verandas provide a unique multipurpose space. Most times, it is often used as an extension of the indoor living space; they can also serve as sleep-out areas during the day or night or even protected areas to hang the laundry if need be


Queenslander beach house design

Source: Queenlander style

The double hung windows and doors are also notable features of a Queenslander beach house. These windows and doors are usually left open, and with the assistance of the inevitable veranda breeze, the house stays cool. The Queenslander home style provides a more traditional look, which most Australians are still stuck in love with.

Apart from its classic looks, the Queenslander offers a timeless elegance with its notable features that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional. Its unique timber balustrades, gables, column brackets, and timber screens. Also its louvres, fretwork, battens and it’s distinctive steeply iron pitched roof are all features of this beach style design that makes it quite remarkable.

Hamptons beach house style

Although Australians are still receptive to the Queenslander beach style; however, many beach homeowners looking to create the “WOW-effect” have gone far ahead to indulge in the Hampton’s style. The Hampton’s style is south-island inspired, and as we all know, no one does the “beach life” better.

A Hampton’s design holds a timeless appeal borrowed from the summer retreats of affluent New Yorkers who frequent the Hamptons coastline. This style is still the icing on the cake as many realtors are acknowledging the fact that most prospective beach homeowners are looking for the Hampton’s inspired beach homes!

Beach homeowners in Australia have created the perfect beach shacks for themselves drawing their inspirations from this home design style. Some have even gone as far as adding their unique twist to this style the “Aussie” way.

Hampton's beach house design

Source: Hamptons style beach house

A Hampton’s beach house style leaves quite the impression to anyone looking for a house design with a unique ambience that reels of the perfect coastal feeling. With some of its distinctive interior and exterior features, it creates a subtle down to earth relaxed appeal, soothing hues an appreciation of all things sea, sun and sand which is quintessentially Australian in every single way.

A Hampton’s inspired beach home creates the perfect blend of all things. Its design and features create the perfect rustic comfort and project the real practicality of what a seaside shack should be.

Some distinctive exterior features of a Hampton’s inspired beach home include- a weatherboard finish, shingled roofs, well-spaced windows or Cape Cod windows, gabled roofing and masculine pillars.

The interior of a Hampton’s beach home is equally important if you are looking to create the perfect coastal charm. White, timber, blue and natural tones are all must-haves for creating the perfect Hampton’s style interior. The colour tones of the exterior and interior should be well balanced to give it the perfect finish.

Timeless beach homes such as those inspired by a genuine Hampton’s style demand the meticulous attention to detail- and innate sense of balance and proportion. It’s not just enough to get the interior right with the perfect blend of colours; it’s most distinctive features especially the roof must be set right too.

To truly nail the Hamptons beach house style, you need to get the roof right. Without it, your home is just another great looking beach house with an ordinary decoration and nothing special.

An authentic Hampton’s style can only be created using roof shingles for roofing. The roof is a significant feature of this style. If you don’t have your beach house made with roof shingles, then it is simply not Hampton’s inspired.

Shingles are readily available especially the GAF roof shingles as they are the best in the market, every professional builder in Australia knows this. So there is no excuse whatsoever to create the perfect Hampton’s beach house using the right roof.

GAF roof shingles come in a great variety of style, colours and certain build characteristics, which allows you to make some creative choices on colour matching, profile and furnishings that are well suited to your taste.

There are no shortcuts to creating the perfect Hampton’s look without using the GAF roof shingles. Even if you are thinking of renovating your beach home to a Hampton’s style, you will need to replace your already existing roof with the GAF roof shingles. Unless you don’t mind going for a “Half-Hamptons”.

Coastal Plantation design

beach house design-plantation

Source: beach house coastal plantation style

The coastal plantation design has always been inspiring with its simple detailing. Coastal plantation beach homes offer eye-catching details throughout, from its crisp contrasts to its expansive balconies and iconic windows. The house design combines the modern allure of a luxury beachside home with the nostalgic feeling of traditional homes.

A noteworthy feature of homes built following coastal plantation home design is their open floor plan, free-flowing and family-friendly space. Coastal plantation design creates enough space to throw open the doors and let in cooling summer breezes. A 20m-wide block will be sufficient to build a beach house inspired by this design.

If you are interested in building a beach house that is a total delight to your senses, then you should consider one of the designs discussed in this article. Go the extra mile to create the complete look of any design you choose.


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