Bungalow Roofing


A bungalow is a small house or cottage that is either single-storey or has a second storey built into a sloping roof. Bungalows can also be referred to as a cottage, cabin, lodge, cot or villa. Bungalows are always detached from a home. The term ‘Bungalow’ dates to the Bengali Region in India, where the word is derived from ‘Bengal Style’. Such houses from the Bengali Region, were built in India for English sailors of the East India Company. Said houses were traditionally small, one story, detached and had a wide verandah.


As bungalows can be used to house and sleep individuals, it’s important that bungalows are completely weather-proofed. Not accounting for this is a common error made by individuals when building their bungalows. It’s important that bungalows are protected from all of the elements. Inclusive of the harsh, blistering summer sun, strong winds and heavy rain downfall.

You may be thinking…What’s the best bungalow roof?

A fantastic option for such roofing is asphalt roofing shingles, particularly as it’s able to be done as a ‘DIY’ project, the product is perfect for harsh weather climates AND, they’re absolutely beautiful.

Benefits of Asphalt Shingles for Bungalows

Sustains in Harsh Weather Climates:

Asphalt shingle roofing is heavily utilised throughout houses in North America. Such region experiences harsh weather climates, proving that asphalt shingles are suitable for any climate. Hot or cold, snow, rain, hail or shine.

In fact, GAF Roofing Shingles and Materials is the largest roofing material company in all of North America. With more homes and businesses are protected by GAF roofing, than any alternative product.

Ability to DIY Your own Bungalow Roofing:

The ability to create a beautiful roofing system with your own hands assists in assuring asphalt shingle roofing is an optimal roofing product.

With asphalt shingles, there’s no necessary need for an installer to come to your home to assist in the completion of your bungalow project. Meaning, you’re cutting costs and efforts to hire an external organisation to assist.

Within 10 easy steps, you’ll have a gorgeous roof for your bungalow –

Step 1 – Plywood Sheathing

Step 2 – Drip Edge

Step 3 – Ice & Water Shield

Step 4 – Sarking

Step 5 – Starter Strip Shingles

Step 6 – Roof Shingles

Step 7 – Roof Valley (If necessary)

Step 8 – Step Flashing

Step 9 – Roof Ventilation

To view our complete DIY videos, click here!

Starter strip roof shingles

Aesthetic Appeal

Not to forget, a huge factor for individuals’ choice is the aesthetic appeal and value of the roof. 

You already know, asphalt shingle roofing is a beautiful way to ensure your roof is not only functional but complimentary to the design of your home and backyard.

With an immense range of colours, you can tailor your bungalow to match your home perfectly.

For enquiries of supply or supply and installation of GAF asphalt shingle roofing in Australia, communicate with the All American Roofing team at 1300 593 408!


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