7 Simple Tips to Nailing the Best Exterior House Design

If you’re planning on building a new home, then no doubt you’re thinking about what you want it to look like from the outside.

Exterior house design can be tricky but you need to get it right; the first impression is everything. The exterior of your house if the first thing you will see when you arrive at the property, so it needs to incorporate everything you want from your home but not be too outlandish; it needs to fit within the neighbourhood.

It’s also the first thing that guests will see when visiting the property, as well as the first thing potential buyers will see if you ever go down that route.

Use these 7 simple tips to get the best exterior house design:

1. Think about resale

This may not be something you want to think about when you’re planning the build of your new home, but it is important.

Even if it is your forever home, it will be sold at some stage, even if it is in the distant future. If you get the exterior home design right from the start, you will see a benefit down the track.

The roof of a property makes up so much of the exterior space so don’t just think about the architecture here, think about the roof and the type of material you want to use.

When selling a house, you want to attract buyers. Attracting more buyers gives you a higher probability of selling your home quicker and for a higher price.

Consider a high-pitched roof design that will increase kerb appeal and ensure that your property is prominent.

A Hamptons Gable style roof would guarantee that your property stands out from the crowd; a Hamptons style homes exterior will add value to the property due to their popularity in the market.

And remember that quality is key here, Asphalt Roof Shingles are the way to go, with GAF being the best in the market. If you use tiles or tin, your roof won’t have that authentic Hamptons style.

2. Think about combining function and style

We all have grand plans for our new home, but those plans are sometimes just not realistic.

Whilst everyone wants to have a beautiful exterior house design, sometimes what we want just won’t work. For example, it would be amazing to have a double driveway that leads to steps going up to the entrance way, but that just may not be practical for a family that has young kids or elderly people living on the premises.

Your home needs to work for you and your family, and this includes your homes exterior.

3. Focus on your entryway

Your entryway may not seem important, but it can make or break a home’s exterior. It needs to be inviting but not too grand and be functional yet look stylish.

The key is in the detail, small things like door knobs can have an affect on the space. The main feature is going to be your door; whatever your preference is, consider investing in a high-quality or even bespoke door.

Granted, designer doors cost but it will add to the value of your home and make your entrance way unique, adding to the overall appeal of your exterior house design.

Check out Pinterest for some inspiration.

4. Plant seasonal flowers

What better way to add to the charm of your exterior house design?

Seasonal flowers not only look good, but change with the seasons. This will give your homes exterior a different feel through the various seasons; you’ll never know what flower will pop up next.

Flowers, and gardens as a whole, are critical to getting exterior home design right. A well-designed garden will add to the overall exterior look and make the property more appealing.

If you need some guidance on which flowers to plant when, check out Gardening Australia’s info relating to annuals and perennials.

5. Choose functional materials

There’s nothing worse than having a chipped, cracked or damaged exterior. So, thinking about functional materials to use in your exterior house design is critical.

Think about climate, rainfall, durability, flexibility and any other things that could affect how your exteriors function and ultimately its look.

When considering materials think about how easy they are to maintain, upkeep on a home’s exterior can be an ongoing challenge.

6. Select the right windows

Windows are a key feature of exterior home design; they need to flow seamlessly into the rest of your home’s exterior as well as be functional.

The wrong window can make the exterior of a home look awkward or unappealing. Large windows open up a space but can require a lot of maintenance.

When selecting your windows, think about things like ventilation, UV rating, how easy they are to clean and how they will maximise your views from the inside.

7. Think about energy

 In this modern age, many new homeowners are turning to alternative sources of energy. If you are considering solar or wind energy, then you’ll need to ensure that you include this in your exterior house design.

Your energy needs will determine the type of alternative source you choose as well as the placement.

A Hamptons style exterior is a stylish option for all new home builders. A high-pitched roof will add glamour and elegance to your property, making it stand out.

If you want the best in the business, contact All American Roofing today. We are the only Australian supplier of the renowned GAF Asphalt Roof Shingles. Not only are they high quality, but they will give your property the authentic Hamptons style that you’ve been looking for. Contact us today.

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