All American Roofing are proud to announce their partnership with Bowens

Get All American Roofing Products Exclusively at Bowens in Victoria

With the growing popularity of asphalt shingle roofing across Australia, we were looking to partner with a market leader who was trade-focused and could get our product to the mass. When Andrew Healey, a product and innovation specialist, reached out to us offering an exclusive partnership with Bowens, a leading timber and hardware chain in Victoria, we immediately got on board.

Our Exclusive Partnership with Bowens 

When we did our market analysis, we understood that the introduction of All American Roofing shingles to the Australian market had to start with providing education on the installation process. As a part of the deal, Bowens offered to educate their builders and carpenters on the installation process in their private training facility.

Bowens’ trade-focused attitude, massive outreach, and willingness to facilitate the education process in their facility made us believe that partnering with them was the right choice for us.

Bowens is a fourth-generation, family-owned Australian business supplying a large variety of quality timber and building supplies for 127 years. They operate across 16 stores throughout Melbourne and regional Victoria and sell more than 30,000 products online through their eCommerce website 

Our Increasing Presence in the Australian Market 

All American Roofing was established five years ago with a clear view for the Australian market to have a third option in roofing styles. A product that could break the traditional cycle of tin, cement, or terracotta roofing which were popular choices in the past for the Australian Homes.

While the popularity of asphalt shingles was soaring across the USA, Canada, and major parts of Europe in the last 100 years, this wasn’t the case with Australia. There was a real lack of understanding as to why shingles were not prominent in Australia for the most part in the last decade given the fact that one of our closest neighbours, New Zealand used shingle roofing on 10% of their new homes. However, with the growing popularity of Hampton-style homes across Australia in recent years, more people started considering shingle roofing for their homes as it completes the look.

Our goal for the near future is to increase our outreach across the country through exclusive partnerships.

How Shingles Roofing will be a Game Changer for the Australian Market

Asphalt shingles have a sleeker and more refined look compared to any other roofing material. They offer an unparalleled street appeal while withstanding the harshest of weather conditions. All our shingles are BAL fire-rated, BRANZ certified, ASNZ/4020 drinking water certified, and includes up to 50 years of warranty. They also have an R value far superior to tin and tile roofs.

We believe shingle roofing will revolutionize the way Australians build and renovate their homes. Essentially, because asphalt shingles are easy to install, sturdy, durable, and energy-efficient. While other types of roofing rely on multiple sub-trades like roof-tiler and plumbers to finish the job, shingle roofing can be fully installed by a carpenter. Reliance on other trades often prolongs the completion process, whereas a product like shingles roofing that can be installed by carpenters (who essentially remain on the job longer than anyone else) can reduce the dependency on other trades and expedite the completion.