The 5 Vital Things You Must Know Before You Knock Down And Rebuild

If you have lived in your home long enough or have a growing family, you most likely need to either improve your home to modern standard or expand it to accommodate your growing family and also have room for your family to grow into.  Either of these needs can be solved by remodelling or knock down rebuild; however, the “increased cost of renovation in terms of Dollar per square metre has made a knock down rebuild a cost-effective option for value seekers” says Metricon Victorian housing general manager Peter Langfelder. Also, you get the benefit of building what you want, where you want, which is a benefit remodelling does not offer. Knocking down house and rebuilding is becoming the popular option for home improvement in Australia for many reasons; such as the reasons stated earlier, however; it is not an easy project, but it is straightforward if you have all the necessary information to make an informed decision. This article provides the essential information you need to know before you knock down and rebuild your home.

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Knocking down and rebuilding a home

1.    Choosing a builder and what to expect

When choosing a builder for your knock down rebuild project; focus on experienced builders with good reviews or even better, engage a builder recommended by your friends or someone you know. The MBAV (Master Builders Association of Victoria) recommend considering factors such as license – whether the Master Builder association licenses the builder and checking previous samples of their work. A license and quality sample are indicators of professionalism and expertise – you shouldn’t go wrong following these factors as cues to hire. However, you should consider every possible factor before hiring your builder; even communication should be considered. According to Mr Radley De Silva, CEO Masters Builders Association of Victoria, “the key to a successful client-builder relationship is clear communication.” And your builder determines the success of your project.

Generally, a professional builder should guide you through the technical process required before knock down and during the rebuild. Such assistance comes after you have entered a contract with the builder. A standard contract details the terms of collaboration between you and the builder; it contains information regarding payment, Scope of Work, Timing of the Work, Warranty, Contractor Default Provision, and

The process of knocking down and rebuilding a home vary from subdivisions to subdivisions. For example, a knock down rebuild project in Melbourne should begin with investigating regulations and legal issues regarding demolishing and rebuilding in your local council. These laws and regulation determine what you can do. Your local council regulates laws regarding asset protection and planning laws. If the proposed building is subject to plan approval, your local council will oversee the approval. Getting a plan approval can considerably increase the project timeframe, however; you will only need a plan approval after a site inspection finds unique factors such as heritage overlay and presence of trees on your property.

2.    Site inspection.

This stage comes right after engaging a builder, or during the advanced stages of discussion with a builder, it is necessary to estimate the work required before the knockdown and should be initiated by your builder. Site inspection involves assessing the proposed building for knockdown and rebuild to ensure that it is suitable for the extensive project that will be carried out and also determine if any factors will impact the success of the rebuild. Some of the factors that can influence the success of the rebuild include; heritage listing, drainage, the topography of the land, and any significant trees. If the builder finds any of these factors, your rebuild project will require a plan approval from the local council before work continues. An experienced builder should be able to guide or help you get a plan approval before preparing your site for demolition.

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3.    Preparation and demolition

While the local council is processing your documents, you should prepare your home and land for demolition. This is something you can do by contacting your utility (electricity, gas, and water) service providers to disconnect the service and moving them to a safe/storage location. So everything that needs to be put aside before the wrecking ball shows up should be removed from the environment.


Find a reputable demolition contractor that can demolish your structure safely and promptly. The demolition contractor is responsible for clearing the debris on site and should provide the builder with a certificate to confirm that the site was cleared correctly.

4.    The timeframe of the rebuild.

It is always good to have a timeframe for the rebuild in mind so that you can adjust your expectations accordingly. Knocking down and rebuilding your home can cause anxiety, much like the anxiety you will experience watching and waiting for water in a tea kettle placed over the fire to boil – it never boils on time. To avoid anxiety and possible disappointment, you should consult your builder to provide an estimated project completion date. Keep in mind that estimated dates are only tentative, which means the rebuild can be completed days before or several weeks after the estimated completion date. It all depends on the factors of construction; your builder should explain these factors when giving you progress updates.

Generally, the national average for completing demolition and rebuild is between 8 to 12 months. In the absence of unforeseen challenges, your home should be complete within the quoted timeframe.

5.     Tender process – Design

The beauty of a Knockdown rebuild is the freedom to determine the design of your home from the first block laid in the foundation to the last roofing sheet fixed on the roof. Consequently, it is very important to have a clear picture of what you want before going to the drawing table with your builder. During the tender process, you confirm your house design and all the internal fittings, colours, and inclusions that you want in your new home. A good builder will guide you through this process, pointing out any local law that may prevent the execution of your design idea as well as environmental factors such as the orientation of your home with the sun.

If you want an American style home such as Hamptons, you should go over the designs you prefer with your builder while your builder considers the material available to build the design and your budget. Hampton style house plans are modern and chic, other than their chic design, the roofing material – roof shingles; used for these type of houses make them stand out.


Knocking down house and rebuilding

When choosing the design of your new home, it is best to consider a classy modern look that will stay relevant for a long time. This criterion should be your yardstick when selecting the exterior features of your home that contribute to the overall design of the house. For example, the windows and roofing are features that contribute significantly to the beauty of your home. Windows are noticeable any time of the day because they catch the light of the day or night. On the other hand, the roof is the crown of the home; it is most likely the first feature of your house a visitor observes from a distance. If you want to make a statement of luxury and display your appreciation for quality through your roof, consider selecting a stately roofing material such as, roof shingles; they are made from materials that are superior to most common roofing materials in Australia. Tried and tested on over 50 million homes, Roof Shingles offers a real point of difference for any new home. Don’t forget to ask your builder for GAF roof shingles. GAF are the best brand and number one in North America!

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Beyond the aesthetic appeal that the roof adds to the overall look of the home, its protective function is more important and should be considered first. More than any other part of the house, the roof protects the home from natural elements; such as rain, sun, heat, snow, and cold. This makes the roof a crucial aspect of your new home, it will not only determine the look of your home and protect you from nature, but it will also determine the amount of money you will spend on roof maintenance over the years.

Knock down rebuild Melbourne

The knock down rebuild industry is super competitive in Australia, especially in areas such as Melbourne where knocking down and rebuilding is the preferred option. In choosing your builder, it is normal to request for bids from various builders before selecting a builder for your reasons; however, money is always a factor that is considered. So it is essential to compare the quotes provided by builders and ascertain if the quotes provided will cover the cost of the best materials your budget can buy.

Knocking down and rebuilding your house is an interesting project with its unique challenges. Your patience will be tested as well as your knowledge through decision-making. Hopefully, this article has set you on the right path with the information shared. Good luck.



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