Australia is widely known for its eclectic mixture of architectural styles. Over the years, a wide range of architectural designs and fashion from America has influenced the real estate market. Australian homebuilders are steadily embracing American inspired style homes which is a superb way of showing “Aussies” that you don’t have to live anywhere near America to experience the thrill of living in an American style home.

There are a variety of house styles found across the United States that are gradually flooding the Australian real estate market. Some of these popular styles include- The Cape Cod, The South West Design, The Victorian Design, The Hamptons, The Log Home, The Mid-century Modern, The Tudor Style, The Colonial Style, The Mediterranean, The Craftsman, and The Ranch style.

Despite these different varieties, the most popular American home style in Australia  that is increasingly sweeping through almost every part of Australia is the Hamptons style. Realtors all over Australia agree that Hampton’s style is definitely in high demand at the moment.

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Hamptons home

The Gorgeous Hamptons style House

The Hamptons is essentially a unique blend of an elegant and sophisticated design, which exudes a luxurious feel while radiating warmth and coziness. This style effortlessly combines classic decorating with rustic influences to create the perfect coastal retreat that almost any common Australian desires.

The exquisite design influence of this style stems from the Hamptons, an upmarket seaside enclave on Long Island, New York, which features some of the most expensive homes in the United States. Over the years, this style has progressed beyond the renowned shabby beach chic design and reflects a dwelling of elegance combined with a comforting seaside layout.

A typical Hampton’s style home is classically white, wind-swept and designed for entertainment with large open spaces. It also features gable roofs, large balconies, plantation shutters, and weatherboards on the exterior. While its interiors include shiplap and other timber features, shaker kitchens, beautiful tapware, gorgeous soft furnishings – cushions and throw rugs, stone fireplaces and timber floors.

You must be wondering why so much fuss concerning this particular style in Australia? Firstly, the average Australian loves his holiday home. Secondly, we love outdoor living and relish the idea of a BBQ’s and backyard entertainment. Finally, we love to do things like they do in America.

The exquisite features of this home style is also a perfect blend with the life of every average Australian.  It is no surprise then that this unique home style is increasingly becoming popular because it allows for a classic home with timeless elegance. And also tops it off with the relaxed “beachy” flavour, which is quite synonymous with the Aussie culture.

This style is not only adopted for its perfect blend with the average Australian’s living style but also because it is well suited for our hot and sunny climate. Also commonly used building materials and building techniques for the Hamptons home style have been adopted over the years making it easy to build.

Key features of the Hampton’s plan

If Hampton’s style has charmed you and you are genuinely interested in designing your home plan with its unique features. Then it is important to bear these key features in mind so that you’ll get your money’s worth with any homebuilder you decide to work with. One of the distinguishing features of this plan is the roof. A true Hampton’s style home must be built with roof shingles.

Many people interested in this house style default by focusing more on the interior and neglecting the roof. You can never nail the perfect Hampton’s without using GAF roof shingles. There are no exceptions to this, no if’s or but’s on this point.  You cannot have a Hampton’s look if you install a steel or tile roof. With this house style, the mantra is “If it’s the Hampton’s style you want, then it needs a genuine Hampton’s roof with GAF roof shingles.

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Source: GAF roof shingle

You might begin to wonder what the fuss about creating the Hampton’s style with the GAF roof shingles is? Can a roof make a home?

Well, for Hampton’s style the roof is indeed the home! The roof shingles give a Hampton’s home the elegance and character that distinguishes it significantly. Not only because of the Hampton styling, but also because of the roof, which has a lot of kerbside impact, adds clout to an already fantastic looking design. There are no Hampton’s style homes in Long Island, USA, with a colour bond or terracotta tiled roofs. If you don’t have a roof made with GAF shingles, then it is simply not a Hampton’s style home.

Most of the original Hampton’s style houses from way back had asphalt roof shingles probably GAF manufactured as their products have been around for a very long time. This fact alone should reassure you if you are still in doubt as to why you need a GAF roof shingle when rooting for the Hampton’s style.

Why GAF roof shingles

The GAF roof shingle is a standard feature of the Hampton’s style house. It is a basic building signature that proves the home without doubt to be the Hampton’s style. If you plan to build your Hampton’s inspired style dream house and the roof is under debate then change your builders or better still insist and point out that the GAF roof shingles must be used.

Although it is expected that every building professional must be inclined to the GAF roof shingle if they are trying to sell a genuine style. However, for the sake of authenticity find a builder that originally understands that there is no “Hampton’s style without the GAF roof shingles” and not one you have to sell the idea to first.

If you come across a builder who advertises Hampton’s style house designs with terracotta tile roof, or a steel colour bond roof know that this is not correct. As advised, it is best to work with a builder that understands from the onset that “a genuine Hamptons style home begins with GAF roof shingles”.

There are other key features that make the exterior of a Hampton’s style home stand out. The windows, the Front porch area, the gabled roofing and the Cape Cod style windows are some key exterior features that cannot be compromised when it comes to nailing the perfect Hampton’s style look, but the GAF roof shingles tops it off the most.

Your perfect Hampton’s style home plan begins with finding the roofing contractor that uses this style of shingle. Remember, you cannot create the ideal Hampton’s style without the GAF roof shingles!


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