Best 3 Pool Cabana Design Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

A backyard pool is a highly desired addition to any Australian home. Somewhere cool and private to go for a swim in the sweltering summer months is many Australian’s idea of heaven. The only thing better? A backyard pool with a cabana to relax and entertain in.

Pool cabanas are an amazing addition to your home. They provide a central entertaining area in your yard, shade during the hottest parts of the day, and somewhere to kick back and relax for when you’re not keen to get soaked.

Before we get to the actual designs, we wanted to talk about planning your pool cabana properly. Having a plan in mind for where it’ll go and the feel you want will help choose the exact style later.

Planning Your Poolside Cabana

It’s important to remember that in Australia, pool safety laws have come a long way since the boom in pool cabana popularity back in the 60s. Safety and fencing requirements basically mean your poolside cabana will no longer be literally next to the pool.

Instead, your cabana now has to be outside of the fenced area of the pool. This is important for knowing how much space you actually have to build the structure, as well as inform the type of design that will sit well on the property.

Ideally you don’t want the cabana to be butting up against the pool fence, so leave some space for a small deck, some chairs, and some walking space between the cabana and pool area.

A poolside cabana can be as simple or as complex as you want. Some things to consider when designing the cabana:

  • Do you just want a simple outdoor lounge area with shade and space to rest?
  • Would you prefer the cabana to act as an outdoor bar and servery for entertaining?
  • Do you want the space to double as storage for poolside toys and accessories?
  • Do you want to host larger gatherings — maybe consider a large screen TV or billiard table?

Depending on your choices, the three pool cabana designs below will suit your needs and add a wow factor to your yard you won’t want to miss.

Three-Walled Bali Hut-Style Cabana

pool cabana

(Image source)

The classic poolside cabana, popularised across the country in the 60s, was a simple 3-walled structure designed to make a shady getaway right next to the pool.

While this design moves away from the 60s architecture, it maintains that basic design philosophy of a little slice of heaven in your back yard. The design is simple, unpretentious, and would feel at home in most back yards. We particularly love the curtains for extra shade — perfect for an outdoor afternoon nap on a hot summer day.

Opulent Stone Design

exclusive pool cabana

(image source)

Nothing quite says class and opulence like a fireplace in your backyard cabana.

Admittedly, we’re weary of recommending outdoor fireplaces in Australia — especially considering the catastrophic fire seasons gripping much of the country. But the overall design is nothing short of breathtaking, and you’d be struggling to keep friends and family away from visiting.

Our favourite, non-fire hazard aspect is the in-built barbecue and fridges, perfect for entertaining your guests. A smaller, less sprawling version of this cabana centred just around the food preparation and delivery aspect could easily fit at home in many backyards.

Pool Pavillion

pool pavilion house

(image source)

Perhaps a little more than a cabana, as it includes a guest house of sorts, but the look and feel of the overall structure could easily be condensed into just a 3-walled poolside cabana.

This design would fit so seamlessly with a Hamptons or Cape Cod style home, as the white wooden facade and asphalt shingle roof would perfectly match the design of the home itself.

If you have the space, including the guest house will add an extra layer of functionality. Entertain guests in the cabana and let them crash the night in the spare room, or use it as a pool house for shower and sauna.

Two-Walled Open Plan Design

open plan pool cabana(image source)

Combining the open feel of the Bali hut style with the aesthetics of the above pavilion, this simple two-walled design would fit effortlessly into most homes.

The neutral white and grey colours paired with matching outdoor furniture sets create an instant relaxed feel perfect for spending lazy summer afternoons poolside.

And like the pavilion above, this would be a perfect design to benefit from asphalt roof shingles. The salt and pepper colouring on top of the clean white lines of the structure would add a touch of style and class to your outdoors in a heartbeat.

Consider Asphalt Roof Shingles For All Your Roofing Needs

pool cabana roof

(image source)

Whether it’s your home or your poolside cabana, asphalt roof shingles are the ideal roofing material to bring your structures to life. They’re cost-effective, long-lasting, tough enough for Australia’s harshest climates, and create a timeless aesthetic that will help separate your home from the rest of the street.

We’re proud to stock GAF Asphalt Roof Shingles for Australian builders. GAF is the leading supplier of roof shingles in the US, and it’s our mission to bring that quality and craftsmanship to the Australian market.

For your next construction or renovation job, consider asphalt roof shingles as part of your plan.

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