Hey! That’s a Cool Shingle Roof!

Are all asphalt shingles pretty much the same? No, they are not. Shingles come with a whole range of different properties and it depends on your specific needs and the effect you are trying to produce.

By choosing the right material, you can get as much as a 30% decrease in your home energy costs! Interested?

Absorption and Reflection

Cool roofs mean they can look ‘cool’ (such as groovy), and they are actually cool in the sense of meaning cold. These shingles will be lighter in colour than traditional black asphalt. It’s a bit like buying a white car or buying a black one. Cool roofs save on energy costs because they reflect the light and high daily temperature away from the home rather than absorbing them. Without giving you too much techno babble, they call this the ‘albedo’ effect.

reflector series roof shingles

Roof Research

There have been numerous scientific studies that show there can be significant energy savings by using a lighter colour for your roofing material. It might be a scorcher outside (read Australian summer), but if you have a dark roof then it’s sucking in a higher temperature to your house. A hotter room means you want to crank up the aircon. How’s that summer electricity bill, by the way?

How to Lower the Inside Temperature

By using a cool roof style of shingles, the roof temperature itself might be 20°C – 30°C lower than the traditional dark roof. Less cooling load converts to reduced energy costs.

GAF, an American company that has been in the roof shingles game for umpteen years, got very innovative and applied these cooling technologies to their roofing products to make them more energy efficient.

Now, thanks to All American Roofing, you can benefit from all that research and use the same system on your re-roofing project or to install on your new home.

The Timberline HD Reflector Series Shingles.

These shingles come in a whole range of colours. The HD stands for High Definition.

The ceiling space in your home is where it’s all happening and if that area fills with hot air, you can bet that the overall effect over time will heat the rooms below.

Most Australian homes install insulation in the ceiling, which is almost mandatory in our climate, but a roof that reflects the heat also helps a lot. The quality of the insulation makes a big difference as does the style of roof you install.

Either your aircon hates your roof, or loves your roof.

If you combine good insulation with a cool reflector roof you will be guaranteed a lower power bill each couple of months. Manufacturers and research is moving towards the green solution on everything to do with building and the GAF Timberline HD Reflector series is at the forefront of cool roofs.

How Cool Is That?

With the Timberline HD Reflector Series there is a mixture of value, shingle performance, and GAF’s famous reliability. It’s a pretty good deal when you also get potential power cost savings. The colours offered for this shingle are rich blends, and with that legendary shadow effect, your roof will look stunning. There’s not another tile on the market to match the Timberline HD Reflector Series Shingles.


Aged Chestnut



Coastal Slate



Stone Grey

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