Roof Shingles – The Reliable Roofing Material

You are about to spend money on a product or a service, or both. What is the first thing you consider? If you say you want the best bang for your buck, then you are the same as the majority of people. A homeowner looking at replacing the roof on the house is looking for value for money. They want to get the best option available in materials and the labour at a realistic cost. When it comes to a roof, consumers want something that won’t cost an arm and a leg, maintenance will be easy, and the new roof is going to last a long time.

Roofing Material Habits

There are good habits and bad habits and a characteristic of homeowners is that they don’t necessarily like big changes in their lifestyles. We, as humans, are creatures of habit, and that means if something isn’t broken, then don’t fix it! But there is a lot of change happening, particularly in the home building industry. Designers and architects and even governments are changing legislation to ensure that more energy-efficient housing is built over the next 50 years. People will have to make changes in the way they live and interact with the environment to ensure the life of the planet.

What does it all mean when we are talking about roofing material? Certain material adds to the ability of the home to both retain heat, reflect heat, and act as an insulator against noise. That’s in addition to protecting the interior of the building from all types of weather. True energy efficiency would come from solar panel installation on the roof, but not everybody can afford that, even with government energy initiative assistance.

New Roofing Ideas

Some of that change that is sweeping across Australia is the option to change the materials used for roofing. In the USA, asphalt shingle roofing has been the most popular product used over many, many years. While this is not a reason to follow suit, how about if we said that it had some benefits such as cost and ease of installation as well as looking great? That’s getting bang for your buck, right?

Australians have been adding terracotta and concrete tiles and zincalume roofs for decades, but that may have been because the advantages of using roofing shingles was never a viable or popular option. Habits!

Asphalt shingle roofs, often called composition roofs, provide many advantages over other roofing materials, especially if you live in an ever-changing climate such as Melbourne, for example, where you get those days where the whole four seasons are experienced!

Here are some other advantages of roof shingles:

  • They are suitable for almost every style of home and roof design. Classic and modern shingles look aesthetically pleasing on homes whether they be historic, contemporary or modern.
  • Going back to the cost benefits, shingle roofing material tends to be less expensive when compared to other roofing material – think terracotta and cement tiles and metal.
  • If you opt for the quality architectural shingles, you get longevity and durability. That said, the lower cost 3-tab roof shingles are a viable option when choosing your roof material.
  • You are almost spoiled for colours, types, and manufacturers, albeit the GAF made shingle tile is a superior product to others. You can use a colour guide from your roofing contractor to choose colours and shades and styles that will compliment your existing home architecture.
  • Add to the advantages things like being fire resistant and easy to repair, then you are adding even more bang for your buck when installing a shingle roof. Speaking of repairs – singular replacement of roof shingles is easy and can normally be done by the homeowner. That saves money over the life of the roof.

Roofing Information

Asphalt shingles are one of the cheapest roofing materials that you can buy today. And who better than a roofing specialist to offer that information?

The roof shingles are made from asphalt and have a couple of different components. They can be fibreglass based or made from organic materials like paper or wood. All American Roofing say that fibreglass shingles are not only durable but also the most environmentally friendly of the asphalt style shingles. There are some significant little intricacies in asphalt shingles.

Ease of installation. Because a roofing shingle is flat, no extra materials or tools are needed to install them. A professional roof installation company, think All American Roofing, can usually install an asphalt shingle roof in a day. The sheets or strips of shingles are fitted and laid onto a house using special nails or staples.

Affordable. They are far more affordable than other types of roofing material. Always look at the alternatives before you decide on the materials you will use for your roof – things like cost, suitability, and installation.

Aesthetics. If you want your roof to be somewhat individual in its looks, then roofing shingles are a classic. Classic and sophisticated looking homes are synonymous with an asphalt shingle roof. You have to agree that asphalt shingle roofs look rather cool, and people are starting to realize the difference. If that’s the look you want, then best you start researching roof shingles to see whether they are going to be the perfect fit for your family home.

Colours. These roof shingles come in different colours. You can have different textures and colours from which to choose. Not quite 50 shades of grey, but the range is extensive. Let’s settle on different shades of brown as well as blacks, greys and greens.

Your Roofing Contractor

If you are interested in knowing more about roof shingles, then check out All American Roofing to provide all the information you will need to make an educated decision. They specialise in GAF shingles, the best on the market, and they have a roofing contractor near you that specialises in these particular types of roofs.image1

Always check roofing company reviews and testimonials. Better still, speak to somebody that actually used that roofing contractor. Always hire a local company that is familiar with your area. You will find it’s also cheaper. Common sense tells you that less travel costs means a better price.

While you might not be at expert level, or even want to be, in this day and age there is no excuse for not knowing about a product that you intend to use. There is heaps of information on the internet, but ultimately, your roofing contractor will know more than you read. Talk to a roofing expert today.

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