Roof Tiles Vs Roof Shingles. Is There a New Roofing Material Contender?

It’s a challenge being a homeowner. Over the years, you get to know a lot of things you never knew, or even thought you needed to know. Renovations and odd maintenance jobs were your dad’s responsibility, or only a call away to a tradie. But, there are a couple of things you need to know these days. One of them is about roofing. If you live in your home long enough, it’s going to need a roof repair or roof replacement. For the aesthetics, your roof needs to look good, keeping up appearances, you might say, as well as the obvious job of keeping you protected from the worst elements of Mother Nature.

What Matters Most in A Roofing Material?

Before you get started by ripping off the old roof and installing a new one, you should know just what you are getting into. Do you need contractors? When will you start and when will you finish the job? How is the installation going to be done? What materials are you going to use? What different roof types are there these days? Clay tiles, colorbond, or something completely different like asphalt shingles? The process of replacing or repairing your roof can be a real pain, but with a little planning and some positive research, you can end up with a successful roofing project and a new look home.

roof tiles vs roof shingles

When choosing roofing materials, homeowners have a number of different options available. A couple of the more popular choices are roof tiles and roof shingles. Ultimately, the final decision comes down to personal preferences as to whether you opt for shingles or tile roofing, but it’s a good idea to be aware of the differences. Here are a few things to consider as a homeowner about the roofing that will best fit your requirements.

The most obvious difference between the two products is the material from which they are made. Currently, in Australia, the more popular choice between the two is clay or concrete tiles. Shingles, though, are a great alternative if you are looking at something a bit different. The other popular roofing material is metal – colorbond zincalume.

Some people tend to think that the climate might have a bit to do with the roofing material and roof type you choose, but technology advances in the manufacturing process has made most materials fairly similar in that respect. Does a warm moderate climate lend itself to a clay tile preference? It’s better to consider the pros and cons associated with roof tiles vs roof shingles. Let’s take a basic look at the two types of roofing shingles and roof tiles to help make a decision:

Roofing Tiles Pros and Cons

Roofing Tiles – These are made from concrete or clay (terracotta), and in Australia, before colorbond, was a home favourite, maybe because the country is in a warmer climate. The terracotta tiles gave houses that Spanish hacienda look about them. A roofing tile used in warmer climates was always thought to not attract heat too much. The roof space, that area between the roofing tile and the internal ceiling, is where all summer heat is generated and where all heat goes to when you are heating a house in winter. The secret there is, of course insulation. Do tiles last longer than asphalt shingles? Probably. But they do crack, they are not easy to walk on if you want to do something on the roof, and frankly, nearly everybody has them. Maybe they are suffering from over exposure. Tiles are also more expensive than shingles, both in materials and labour to install.roof tiles

Asphalt Shingles Pros and Cons

Asphalt Shingles – There are many options available if you choose shingles. The styles and colours available might make a final selection hard. They cost less so when you have a tight budget, they might be a better option and easier on your finances if the tiles came in a bit expensive. Because of the flat lines in laying them, they will stand up to some really windy weather. Installation is easier and asphalt shingles are lighter. A benefit with installation is the plywood sheeting that basically forms a ‘faux-roof’ to support the shingles. Australians aren’t into attics a lot, but this aspect of installation is worth consideration. A covered, weatherproof area between the ceiling and the roof is easily transformed into a storage or attic area.

Homes Look Better With Shingles

The big plus with roof shingles is the look you are going to get. Stand out on the street and look at your asphalt shingle roof. Then shift your gaze left and right and behind you. Your house stands out as a ‘one of’ in a neighbourhood filled with colorbond and tiles. Just how good your home will look will be a point of discussion with friends, neighbours and visitors.

If we were to mention a negative it’s simply that asphalt shingle roofing is not well known in Australia and there are not a lot of roofing contractors who are working with shingles. Lack of knowledge in this case is not a big impediment to trying them. Over 40 million homes in the USA have asphalt shingle roofs. The manufacturer of the best asphalt shingles, GAF, has been around since Noah was a boy, and that says heaps for the quality and durability of the product. GAF roof shingles can be professionally installed by All American Roofing. Give us a call to check out the product and for the best advice available if you are looking for a change.

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