Slateline Designer Roof Shingles

Architectural beauty for your roof

The two main factors to consider when choosing new roofing or thinking about re-roofing in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane, is the weather protection you will get and the longevity.

Both of these factors are important but don’t overlook the other aspect – overall appearance. Matching your roof with the architectural style of your home is worth strong consideration.

That way you pick up the three benefits of a new or replaced roof – a sturdier, long-lasting roof with the addition of curb appeal.

All American Roofing, your HIA accredited roofing company, is able to help with your roof shingle selection.

Slateline Designer

One of the GAF architectural shingles that they supply and install are the Slateline Designer Shingles for the stately home.

Victorian homes have that Gothic elegance about them and from the street they look impressive.

Slateline Designer Asphalt roof shingles

You can recognise this style of home with its decorative trim, a steep roofline that has irregular shapes and the classic bay windows. Some older Victorian homes have turrets, various colours of paint, and porches on columns.

Slateline Designer roof shingles are a perfect match for this particular type of home. Homes like these are not constructed these days, so a stately older Victorian home is the best candidate for this style of asphalt shingle to be used when re-roofing. The Slateline asphalt designer shingle gives that look of real slate but costs nowhere near as much.

Slateline colour ranges are created in vibrant tones that add to that mysterious appearance of Victorian architecture.

Like Real Slate Shingles

The Slateline Designer asphalt shingles were made so as to look exactly the same as real slate. They are a heavy, thick shingle with an elegant look about them. Yes, they are a lot more expensive than normal architectural shingles. On the other hand, they cost a lot less than real slate shingles.

Make it a Great Roof

The Slateline Designer shingles look the best on roofs that have a steep pitch because you can actually see the shingle and pattern clearly. While they can be put on a lower sloped roof, they don’t look quite as good as you can only see the butt-end of the shingle.

Royal Slate

Emerald Green

Antique Slate

Why Choose Slateline Designer Asphalt Shingles

If you can afford the extra investment the Slateline Designer shingle is the way to go. They are thicker and will last longer as well. Because of their size and weight, they can withstand very strong winds.

Natural colour blends, the proportions, and the thickness all work towards giving your home the perfect roofing solution. They also increase curb appeal significantly.

Customers are generally very happy with Slateline Designer shingles for their roofing project.

Roof shingle colour choices

Look Beautiful – GAF’s high definition colour blending and the enhanced shadow effect make the shingles look like real slate. The design adds depth and dimension.

Stays Put – There’s no risk of a shingle blowing off in a strong wind due to the DuraGrip adhesive seals.

Long Lasting – The life of the shingle is improved with UV-blocker granules for protection against sunlight.

Colour Fast – Ceramic firing of the colour lock granules ensures the shingles don’t fade over time

Quality – Use of the finest quality asphalt improves weathering in harsh conditions

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