How to Install an Asphalt Shingle Roof – Step by Step

Are you thinking of installing a shingle roof onto your home, bungalow, dog kennel or gazebo?
You’ve came to the right place. As asphalt shingle roofing professionals, we’re here to provide you with both the best supplies and the expertise to assist you in your efforts.
Let’s go through each of the steps to attaining a beautiful, asphalt shingle roof.

Step 1 – Plywood Sheathing

Step 2 – Drip Edge

Step 3 – Ice & Water Shield

Step 4 – Sarking

Step 5 – Starter Strip Shingles

Step 6 – Shingle Install

Step 7 – Roof Valley

Step 8 – Flashing

Step 9 – Roof Ventilation

Step 10 – Ridge Capping

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