The Top 4 Knock Down Rebuild House Plans

Rebuilding a house requires preparation, after deciding to tear down the old structure, you have to think of everything from the size and style of the new home (small or large, wood, stone, roof type, wall colour) to arrangement of rooms, optimization of space, fittings, and wall design before demolishing the existing structure. Ideally, these details are planned out before knocking down your home as it determines the speed of transition from demolition to rebuilding and guides the builder through the process of constructing your dream home.

If you are looking for knock down rebuild house plans for your new home or ideas to inspire your design, these four great knock down rebuild house plans could be what you need to see.

Knock down rebuild homes


Designed for harmony, the Montauk provides ample space for a family to enjoy each other’s company and still have room for personal time. It comes with zoned living areas to accommodate everyone’s need, whether it is a space to entertain, relax or unwind, the parlours and other general areas are large enough to accommodate a small group while the rooms are spacious for comfortable relaxation.


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The characteristic features of the Montauk house design include; the vast space above the entry, a large terrace-styled balcony that flows from the spacious upper living area, separate library with feature ceiling and galley-style kitchen complete with scullery.


Knock down rebuild house plans


Designed for the utmost comfort, Riviera homes have spacious bedrooms and a master bedroom detached from the rest of the home. These type of homes are usually single level homes with a design that allows maximum light penetration, open plan living and allows you to enjoy the beautiful scenery around you.


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This French style home is sleek and modern with features carefully considered in every way to deliver the best lifestyle home. Some of the notable features of Riviera homes include; a porte-cochere, three-car garage built diagonally and a cozy little courtyard area situated between the two guest suites.

Features of Riviera

•    Main Floor Master

•    Walk-in Closet

•    Master Sitting Area

•    Covered front porch

•    Rear covered lanai

•    Suited for view site

•    Screened Lanai

•    Oversized Garage

•    Extra Storage

•    Side-Entry Garage

•    Handicapped Adaptable

•    Bonus Room

•    Great Room

•    Study/Library

•    Open floor plan

•    Nook/Breakfast Area

•    Island

•    Walk-in Pantry

•    Peninsula/Eating Bar

The Bayville

The Bayville is a luxurious signature home plan by Metricon collection. Inspired by the clean, fashionable appeal of popular Hamptons house designs, this exquisite house plan is designed for luxury bayside living. With a lovely frontage boasting a selection of genuine layout features and spacious interior, the Bayville home style is sincerely breathtaking.


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The Bayville indoor features include:

•     Study

•     Walk-in Pantry

•     Master Bed at Rear

•     Outdoor Room


Designed to fit a small piece of land such as a 299 square-metre block, West Hamptons inspired house plan is popular for careful use of space to create an exquisite home with ample space for a growing family. Homes built with this house plan have a quintessential look that distinguishes them from other home designs, Their distinguishing design features include; the grey weatherboard cladding, pitched roof, white timber shutters and white timber double doors.


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An ideal house is composed of a structure, functional, and finishing components. Consequently, choosing a house plan is one part of the process of designing your dream home, you have to select other components, and they should complement the other parts of the house.

The best knock down rebuild Melbourne

Whichever knock down rebuild house plan you choose, it is vital to select roofing, fittings, inclusions, and décor that matches and accentuates the design of the house.


The roof is the third component of a building’s structure, it protects and emphasises the architecture of the house but can also be energy producing. From an aesthetic point of view, the choice of the roof should improve the overall beauty of the house. From a regulatory standpoint, the choice of the roof should meet not only the requirements of the local council but also your neighbourhood. If you live near a historic monument or in a classified regional park, you do not do what you want as regulations control the type of houses that are in that region. The law may well require some type of roofing, and also a specific shape, dimensions and/or colour.

From an environmental point of view, the roof reduces energy costs thanks to good insulation. As you can see, choosing your roof is subject to considerable thought.


You should consider the aesthetic, regulatory, environmental, and durability qualities of the roof before making a choice. There are many roof options out there; an easy way to sieve through the options is to check if they pass the criteria listed above while considering your budget. Although, most house designs are paired with a preferred roofing material that complements their design, which can help narrow your search to just the design and quality of the default roofing style for the house plan you choose. For example, Hampton style homes traditionally use roof shingles for roofing because roof shingles provide better aesthetics than most roofing materials, especially architectural shingles that have 3D effect with varying tones and patterns.This type of roofing material is ideally matched to the top 4 knock down rebuild plans to highlight the beauty of the home. Roof shingles have the advantage of being efficient, cost-effective, easy to install and come in a variety of colours and styles. Make sure your knock down rebuild builders use GAF roof shingles.



The floor is the surface of the house on which we walk. A good floor should be appropriate to walk barefoot, for children to play without risk and it should be easy to clean. When choosing your flooring, consider the dominant weather condition in your region as well as your budget, and quality of the flooring.

A hard and well-finished floor is easy to clean and reduces the presence of some bugs and odour. There is a great variety of finishes for the floor: tile, stone, concrete, wood, granite, among others. Based on your tastes and budget, you can decorate the floor either with coloured tiles, with different shapes and sizes, or create a simple and natural finish.

Doors and windows

The doors and windows are the points of entry or exit for animate and inanimate things. When they are closed, they give privacy, isolation, and protection. When they are open, they allow access and air circulation. The design value of doors and windows are often overlooked or underemphasized, but these components of a house contribute to the overall beauty of the house.

The doors and windows are key in the decoration of your home. These sections make up an important part of the personality that the house will have, and that is why it is essential to make a correct selection with which you feel comfortable.

Depending on your priority, there are many types of doors including; PVC folding doors, wooden doors, armoured doors and more. Each type is designed to provide basic insulation from outside noise and security, especially; bulletproof doors, they are designed mainly for safety.

Similarly, there are varieties of windows in the market. Your choice should be made based on budget, quality, and aesthetics (colour, design, and material).

Every component of you choose for your home should contribute to its security, strength and design. Using inferior or weak materials in any part of the house, especially within the structure can cause structural issues in the future. That will lead to frequent maintenance, in worst cases, a complete rebuild. Choosing quality materials is always the best approach to rebuilding a home.



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