Timberline Lifetime Asphalt Roof Shingles

Your roof is an integral part of your home, not just for obvious reasons. That’s why you should never settle for substandard roofing materials. An investment in quality will pay dividends later on. There are so many good quality roofing products around these days that a homeowner should have total weather protection all year round. One of the more exceptional products for consideration is the Timberline Lifetime Shingles.

Well, what are Timberline Lifetime Roof Shingles?

All American Roofing, the best Australian roofing contractor, supply and install these shingles which are guaranteed to last…and last. That’s why they label them ‘Lifetime.’

Your roof has a 50-year warranty with Timberline Lifetime. GAF and All American Roofing deliver on their promises if you put your faith in their products.

Your Choice

If you start thinking about shingles for your roof, there are so many choices already in Australia, that it can put you off making a decision. Which roof combination should you get? What colour paint? What type of shingle? Which one is the best for my home?

GAF Roof Shingles Timberline HD

Is it time to seriously consider the Timberline Lifetime Asphalt roofing shingle?

Talk to us as soon as possible and we will help you make that decision as we have the knowledge and experience to provide some guidance. Let’s face it, the Timberline Lifetime Shingle is a heck of a good choice anyway.

Timberline Lifetime Shingles Advantages

There are a host of other benefits that go with roofing that lasts a lifetime.

You get an application of a special coating on your roof shingles that can absorb heat and moisture. This helps protect your ceiling space. No rotting beams and trusses.

The coating also helps to make your roof stand up to heavy rain, even hail.

The Best Weather Protection

The Timberline Lifetime shingles look beautiful and perform brilliantly as well. If you are a fussy homeowner, then you will be happy to know that these shingles come with Advanced Protection Shingle Technology. As a result, you get excellent protection for your home through all the four seasons.

These roof shingles are easy to install and won’t get blown off in a strong wind. Because the shingles lay flat on a roof, there is less chance of leaks and movement, making for a stronger roof structurally.

Leak barriers are installed as well and these can withstand extreme weather and large temperature fluctuations.

Let’s look at some other reasons as to why this asphalt roofing product is a great choice:


There are a range of products such as the Timberline Ultra HD for that dimensional wood shake look, the Timberline American Harvest that gives your home that ‘wow’ factor and improves resale value, and the Timberline Lifetime Shingles that are unbeatable for aesthetic appeal.

A Lifetime Warranty

You need total weather protection all year round and your roof is on the frontline when it comes to home defence against the elements. GAF Timberline backs up their product by providing a lifetime warranty. Should you have any problems, they have got you covered.

Highly Energy Efficient

The Timberline Cool Series provides great sunlight reflection helping to reduce the heat that usually builds up in the ceiling space. That means less mechanical cooling required and that means less energy used.

Roofs Types in Australia

Living in Australia can take its toll on your roof. Melbourne has it all – rain, hail, hot sun and strong, blustery winds. Sydney gets the same weather. Brisbane gets a lot of sunshine and sometimes almost cyclonic winds. Your Timberline Lifetime shingles are designed to withstand all that and more.

All American Roofing

Contact All American Roofing to have a chat about your roof replacement or as an alternative to the usual tiles you might be planning on having in your new home.

All American Roofing has the experience and high levels of workmanship to carry out your roofing project. Give us a call for a no-obligation quote on replacing your roof or supplying a roof of Timberline Lifetime asphalt shingles.





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